The Stargate concept has been confirmed by Dan Burisch who worked with the mysterious Majestic Program in Egypt, Area 51, Nevada, and other locations.

Stargates are intense vortexes or portals where people in 3-D Earth can travel to and interface with other dimensional realities. Burisch relates that not only are there natural stargates on Earth, but several countries, including the U.S.,  have also produced artificial ones. A technology called "Looking Glass"was developed from ancient wisdom enabling humans to travel through the man-made stargates into both past and future. Over the years, this has brought detrimental changes in past, present, future and other dimensional realms, resulting in nations with man-made stargates agreeing to shut them down along with their Looking Glass technologies.

Extraterrestrials and UFO's use both man-made and natural stargates to enter and leave our 3-D Earth realm, attempting to raise human consciousness to more spiritual levels and avoid destroying ourselves and our planet. Several dif-ferent groups of ETs are here from thousands of years in the future. The ETs involved in the 1947 Roswell crash are believed to be our present earth human's descendants of 24,000 years in the future. Remember, in higher dimensions, Time is all Now Time. The ETs developed diseases and other problems due to the probable devastation of Earth and humanity by Dec. 21, 2012 A.D.  Dan Burisch and scientists were working with one of these individuals to find a cure for their nervous system ailments.

Dan says that there are two Timelines that will interface on the 2012 date. One is Timeline 1 which is the one we are now attempting to manifest on Earth, lea-ding to a quantum leap in our intelligence and spritual consciousness and usher-ing in the Golden Age with its long-prophesied, 1000 years of peace.

Timeline 2 would be an intensification of the chaotic, insane path much of hum-anity is now traveling with increasing wars, violence, plagues, poverty, earth cat-astrophic events and toxic environmental states which would be carried into outer space, to our solar system and galaxy. The devastation of Earth would be so great, that on this Timeline 2, over 4 billions inhabitants would die at the 2012 change-over.

Some of the ETs from as far as 50,000 years into the future wish to maintain this Timeline 2, as it is the one on which they now hold great power. Believe it or not, some humans also wish to leap to Timeline 2 in 2012, because they have underground locations where they can survive the coming devastation of Earth and remain in control here, eventually relocating to the Moon and then to Mars.

The major present problem is that two of the man-made stargates existed in Iraq in 2000 A.D., and Sadam Hussein refused to shut them down. Is this an altern-ativel motive behind the invasion of Iraq? Hussein repeatedly delayed allowing UN inspectors to search for Weapons of Mass Destruction, in order to distract inspectors from the man-made Stargate technological equipment and their Look-ing Glass capabilities as they were secretly smuggled to other locations. November 10, 2006 brought the news that one of the stargates is now at Fallu-ah, Iraq.

The race is on to find these Stargates and shut them down, so they cannot be used to move us onto Timeline 2. The good news is that at the date of Burisch's interview July, 2006 81% of humanity was moving along Timeline 1, leav-ing only 19% favoring Timeline 2.

Burisch believes the Indigo Kids have been sent to Earth for the express pur-pose of raising humanity's awareness to its spiritual origins and causing us to step onto the path of Timeline 1. He says Majestic gave him until the end of 2006 to get this information out to the public.

At first glance, this seems an outrageous concept, but listening to the video inter-view (several hours), some unexplainable events and puzzling decisions made by world leaders do seem to make the idea plausable.

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